10 Things to do in Kyoto

By on December 16, 2015

Kyoto is one the oldest city, over 1000 years old history to trace. The USP of this city is over 5000 temples and shrines making it the most spiritual city in the world with Buddhist teachings. This place is also popular for being one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site and hence, very popular among masses. Moreover the best thing that makes Kyoto even more popular is the presence of hip cafes and trendy shopping complexes.


1. Kinkaku-Ji
The golden reflection that you get here is majestic and during winters when snow is there, its even more fun and soothing. This place is open from 9 AM to 5 Pm everyday and can be easily accessed in mere 400 yen. You can read the full article about Kinkaku-ji here.


2. Ginkaku-Ji
Built as a rest home for shotguns, this place is a must visit. Built in 1480s, this place was supposed to be coated in silver like a leaf but due to lack of money it could not. This is like cousin of Kinkau-Ji, comparatively small, but the lavish is grand.


3. Ryoan-Ji
This is a majestic temple, with its amusing rock garden,and use of white marble is a mystery itself. Overall its a great hangout place for peace and spirituality in just 500 Yen.


4. Kyoto Studio Park
This is theme park for movies and serials, where you get dressed up as actors while you enjoy the screening and play. You can also wander around and imitate samurai and have extraordinary fun.
However this place is little expensive and cost around 2200 Yen, but its worth the price.


5. Gion
A Small village in Japan in the outskirts of Kyoto has its own beauty and charm. Old wooden building to traditional lifestyle, this attracts every nature and peace loving visitor. Every village here has an interesting story to tell, and you can listen them for days.


6. Arashiyama
Arashiyama is famous for it’s amazing looking Autumn. The red leaves are in every direction you’re looking. Except an amazing Autumn Arashiyama also has a lot of traditional shops. You also shouldn’t miss the famous Bamboo grove!


7. Tea ceremony
This ceremony has a international relevance. Almost every world leader has taken part in this ceremony. The small bowl of tea with a different drinking tradition makes it very popular among masses as well. It is slow and graceful consumption of tea, which people do enjoy.



8. Kyoto International Museum
Manga museum is not just an ordinary museum, its more than than. this is a fun museum having a collection of over 1000 comics, celebrating comedy, creativity and super heroes. this place is a must visit for kids and they are going to love it.


9. Kawaramachi
Kawaramachi is the brand name and central shopping point in Kyoto. you will find the best of two world’s meeting here. If you want to buy something traditional and keep it as a souvenir or you want to buy something funky and trendy, everything is available here from jewelry to accessories.


10. Going to the art side
Heading east to Kamogawa River, this place is known for its world famous collection of modern and traditional arts. Especially for people interested in arts and painting must visit this place, because it is one of its own kind and can truly change your perceptive for creative creation.