All you need to know about Japanese Museums

By on December 15, 2015

Plan to visit Japan Museums?

Japan has rich culture and abundant vast history, when you are making trip to Japan it is obvious that you will be visiting the museums. The museums of Japan have lot more to give and inform the visitors about the relevance of many things.

Generally museums have ancient stuffs of history related to the lifestyle and empires of ancient time. But in Japan you will find museums exhibiting much informative stuff that you would be eager to know. There are museums displaying the history of science of various technological items, about the transportation and work behind it, animals, zoos and related to many other dimensions of life.


Filter the Museum with Your Choice.

As there is plethora of museum spanning around different themes, you must concentrate on those which you would prefer to visit in your limited time.
Put a Glance at Art Museums: In Japan, some of the popular art museums include Tehsima Art Museum which displays the contemporary art form and located in Tehsima Island. You should check out Inujima Seirensho Art Museum which glorifies the visitor about the copper refinery and have amazing fun of mirror tunnels which will transport you back in your childhood.


Revisit the History of Japan.

The drastic phase when Japan confronted the worst time during Nagasaki and Hiroshima atomic bomb incident has still its imprints conserved in the museum. If you want to revisit the melancholy of that time you must visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. Another museum which reflects the sad phase of history is Chiran Tokko Museum which has the sad debris of World War II.
Rush back to the Transportation of Japan: Japan is worldwide acclaimed for the technology boon it has given to transportation industry. You can enlighten your knowledge by visiting museums like The Railway Museum which gives all the details of age old steam trains to Shinkansen the bullet train and the current MAGLEV trains. SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is another site where you will find the information on technological up gradations in railway.
What to Remember while visiting Museums in Japan?
Before making any trip you must need to know about the place and precautions to be taken. And when you are visiting to Japan you need to be more concerned it.
• Remember the Off Day: Museums in Japan are strictly on off for a one day in the week. The off can vary from one museum to another so you need to check out it first. Generally the off is on Monday so make sure you don’t visit on this day
• Mark the Festivals: Japan Museums can also observe to be off on festivals which again might vary. If you are planning a trip on New Year then make sure that the museum is open as generally they are closed on New Year’s Eve.
• Get the Pass: There is a pass called Grutt Pass which helps you to visit multiple museums with it and gives you more economical way of visiting the museums.