Base Entertainment in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2015

Leisure activities and stay in Tokyo, both are directly proportional to each other
We cannot always survive by keeping ourselves engaged in work, there is a balance that needs to be maintained between our work life and personal life, and if you are in this largest city of Japan, one does not need to worry about how should we make our lives more happening and not monotonous. This city has ample entertainment options that will surely make your day.

Some of the well-known admired theaters that are truly rejuvenating and where one can spend time are:

• Kabuki-za Theater
Art performance in this theater is extremely popular. Male performers demonstrate some of the outstanding art performances and showcase their astounding costumes. You will get to see some of the amazing Samurai melodramas here and also battle scenes.


This historic puppet theater has been popular since ages. This show goes for the entire day and is divided into two sections, morning half and evening half. Three puppeteers are involved in operating the life sized puppets.

• Sumo
If you have a huge interest in sports, especially wrestling then you must visit Kokugikan in Sumida-ku. The Sumo matches are absolutely entertaining and exciting to watch and it would be further more exciting if you have the knowledge of the 48 unique holds.


• New National Theater Tokyo
This theater is of mediocre age and is of a great interest to the people who enjoy dancing or watching dance. The contemporary form of dancing can be seen in this theater.


• Ueno Park Museums
One of the largest museum of Japan, this museum includes the authentic Japanese arts and also the antiquities. A small zoo, temple are also built up in this large park museum. One can spend certain hours here and go through the man-made beauty of Japan.


• Tokyo Disneyland
Disneylands are famous worldwide, be it the Hong Kong Disneyland or the Paris Disneyland, but undoubtedly even Tokyo comprises of an 115 acre huge theme park which is extremely in demand and well-liked by the tourists who visit Tokyo from all over the world.

Space Mountain Ride is just an awesome experience, believe in the fact yolo and go ahead with this ride and surly this ride would be a memorable one for you and your family. Pirates of the Caribbean is the next famous ride which should be given a try.
Tips if you are planning for a day visit at Tokyo’s Disneyland, these tips would surely help you in saving a bit of your hard earned money and would also help you enjoy more.

• Avoid going on weekends and national holidays
If you are on a vacation then you must plan to visit this place during the weekdays as those are the busy days and you will be able to avoid the rush and enjoy more. Also, try to avoid going during the Japanese National holidays.

• Go for high tea
The dishes would cost half at that point of time. Inside the Disneyland, you will find the things and eatables to be quite expensive so it’s better to go for high tea instead of dinner.