Best Shopping Destinations in Tokyo: The Handy Tips for Travelers

By on December 16, 2015

Shopaholic and visiting Tokyo, just keep your wallet handy as you are going to have a great shopping experience in some mind numbing stores and malls of this huge city. Here are some of the exclusive shopping centers that one must visit.

Nihonbashi Takashimaya (Chuo)
Inside the Nihonbashi metro station, this is one of the most popular shopping center wherein you can find all the brands and designs. Exclusively known for traditional Japanese gift items that are reasonably priced


Itoya (Chou)
Kids would love this place and so would the adults who are fond of stationery items. It has a diverse collection of handmade cards, pens, zippered cases. You can spend hours in this 5 level huge building. The collection of stationery items cannot be found anywhere else.


Daimaru Tokyo (Chiyoda)
Quite a prominent shopping hub and eye catchy accessories like branded hand bags and watches especially for women are available here.


Kiddy Land Harajuku Branch (Shibuya)
Holidaying with your family and you have little kids who have the urge to buy toys for themselves, do take them to this heavenly store consisting of all the variety of toys. Kids would want to leave this place for hours.


MUJI Yurakucho
This one’s a special shop which serves dual purpose:
a. You can rent bicycles from here at a very reasonable price and roam in the city with your bicycle.
b. if you want to design your home, some beautiful kitchen tools, elegant book shelves, dishes for dining and best of all you can bargain here.


Nakamise Shopping Street (Kaminarimon) (Asakusa)
This is among the most crowded streets and encompasses close to 50 shops. The place gives you a peep into the conventional Japan. The travelers looking to buy some really fabulous souvenirs or genuine Japanese goods should take a look at this street.


If you have the zeal of doing shopping in malls, there is a whole lot list of the malls for shopping freaks in Tokyo. These include Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi (Shinjuku), Diver City Tokyo Plaza (Koto), KITTE (Chiyoda), Shibuya 109, Nakano Broadway (Nakano). These are some of the swanky malls in Tokyo where you will get a variety of all the fancy accessories.

Did you know, color red can be so famous? If you didn’t, then you have to walk down on the Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street. If you are sixty plus, then surely you will love this shopping street and undoubtedly your family will also adore this place after seeing some wonderful Japanese goodies.

Some fortunate shopping tips:

Be aware of your size
Sounds ghostly, but yes, if you plan to shop in Tokyo, there are a certain shopping areas where you would not be allowed to try on the clothes that you plan to purchase. So, you need to be completely sure whether your size is large, medium or small.

Ready money
Tokyo is a high priced city, so be sure to carry a large amount of hard cash with you if you have an urge of doing lots of shopping from here.

Smile is a cause of great health, we all know that. The more you smile the more you tend to bargain and get some good quality products for you. Make sure you keep this smile on your face always which you will as this city is so awesome that even for a moment you won’t feel unhappy.