Buddhistic Meditation; Zazen

By on December 16, 2015

Zazen is a central practice of Zen Buddhism, a way to achieve tranquility of mind.

The goal is to gain fresh perspective on yourself and focus your thoughts in a certain way. Sitting still, breathing through your nose, and taking repeated deep breaths creates the sensation of purifying the mind.

The first time I got introduced with Zazen was with my Polish friend (who was living in Japan for several years) who’s hobby was Japanese style meditation. Zazen is in one of these styles and is something ¬†everyone can do. You do not need to be a monk to try it out, there are several zazen temples that offer this service (for a reasonable price), but remember that Zazen is mostly not “just meditation”. This activity asks for extreme patience and practice, sitting with your back straight for several hours can be difficult, which is why the monk will punish you for bending your back (I’m dead serious) with a whip! But honestly, when sitting straight for a long time, this will feel good!
If you’re looking to give serious meditation a try, or when looking for a really special experience .. Give Zazen a try!



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