Cheap and Free Things to do in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2015

The word free sounds so delightful and in this aura of expensive century, if you are on a vacation with your family or your better half, what can be more amazing if you get to do something which is absolutely free of cost.

So, here are a few amazing things that one must and can do in Tokyo.

Asakusa Temple
• Plan a visit to Senso-ji
This popular Buddhist temple is built in Asakusa, Tokyo and is known for its aesthetic garden. Visitors always love going to this vibrant temple.


• Trotting around the royal Imperial Palace garden
Though this garden is open for public only on 23rd December and 2nd January, but still you can plan to jog around the palace early in the morning, it will be totally worth it and the best part is, on Sundays approximately 250 bikes are provided to public for cycling around which is an incredible experience.


• Harajuku
One of the pleasing district of Tokyo, filled with boutiques, here you will get to see some of the amazing collections of clothes in all of the boutiques.


• Meiji Jingu
You can experience the sunrise or sunset at this Shrine.


• Odaiba
This artificial island is totally worth watching after the sunset, the city lights makes this island look like a dazzling place. You will even get to see the carbon copy of the Statue of liberty. Also, do plan to go for a long drive across the Rainbow Bridge and don’t forget to click some memorable snaps or selfies.


• Origami
This is a funky thing to watch and learn at Origami Kaikan, how artisans mould papers into various patterns and shapes. You will be totally surprised by seeing the creativity of these artisans.

• Advertising Museum
The entrance of this museum would definitely grasp your attention. Here one may find some of the most conventional Japanese commercials.

• Bank of Japan
Some people have a huge interest in collecting ancient coins and currencies. Are you one of them who has the desire to collect such coins? If yes, then must visit this currency museum where you can find the collection of ancient coins.
This museum is closed on Mondays.


• Yoyogi Park
Plan for a picnic here, especially on the weekends. This is a great place to just relax, but please make sure that you do not carry food and drinks in this park.

Some Special Tips
Apart from all these above places, the best thing to do is explore the place and streets of Tokyo, if you are a passionate traveler. Keep taking a walk with your friends and simply look around the hustle and bustle on the streets of Tokyo.
Check out the awesome crowd Tokyo crowd while also gazing at the classy showrooms. Let your eyes do the shopping here!
Travel in the metros, go for hiking in Kamakura, watch out the city’s amazing sky scrapers and capture every moment in your camera, every view of this city.
And yes, if you are a festival lover then this city celebrates festivals on a weekly basis and sometimes even daily. Do not forget to search for the list of upcoming events and festivals before you plan to leave for Tokyo, as these events will leave you awe-stuck. Fire walking, crafts fair, as well as cherry blossom are some of the popular festivals that are celebrated on the streets of this city.