Inari Kyoto

Fushimi Inari, The Endless Gates

By on December 16, 2015

When you think of Kyoto, you think of Fushimi Inari. Fushimi Inari is one of the most popular places that attract Tourists (also Japanese tourist from other regions) from all over the world to Kyoto.

I recently had the privilege to spare some extra time to go visit Fushimi Inari once again.
It is build for Inari, The Rice God and is swamped with statues of foxes (They represent Inari’s messengers)

The Main Shrine
The main shrine is a beautiful and well preserved shrine in all it’s glory. The entrance is huge and is very crowded by hundreds of people paying their respect at the shrine.

The Endless Gates
Now for the main event.. Endless gates (tori) are build all the way up to the mouintain. The hike all the way up takes around 2 hours (which some sightseeing stops). The feeling of walking through the gates is amazing, and there is always something to see around you, like small shrines, old gates with moss on, a view point over the city,… This is definitely the main event of Kyoto, when coming here, expect to be blown away by detail. Just remember that it takes quite a walk up if you want to see everything.


The Surroundings
Aside of the main shrine and the endless tori there is still a lot to see. Around the shrine there is a very nice neighborhood with shops, souvenirs and food! And you can also stroll around in the side streets to find some gems hidden in the back.

So remember.. When visiting Japan don’t forget about this place! there is lots to see in Japan outside of Tokyo, because this is truly the Best of Japan.