How to get a cheap DATA SIM in Japan

By on December 9, 2015

This is for people that have a SIM unlocked phone.

A lot of people give a good amount of money for renting a phone, renting a pocket wifi or even renting a SIM.

Well these companies ask for an immense amount of money since they know that most foreign visitors can’t speak or read Japanese. I also have looked a lot on the internet and I came across some bad deals like; 200 yen/day (which would be 50 dollars a month) for a low connection speed SIM, 350 yen/day for a pocket wifi,.. Another example is this new SIM renting provider “SakuraMobile” that kindly let me know how much it would cost for 3 months renting a DATA SIM:
Only the first month is charged at a daily rate. In your case, you will be charged for 6 days. (11/25 ~ 11/30)
After that, we charge until the end of the month.
Full payment has to be settled before confirmation. Your total amounts to: 5000 + 780 (November) + 11070 (December – February) = ¥16850 × 1.08 (Consumption tax) = ¥18198.

*Gulp* That’s around 180$ for 3 months for a 2 GB DATA SIM..

But there’s light at the end of this tunnel since I didn’t give up on looking for a solution! I found out that Japan does provide SIM cards that don’t require you to have a Japanese passport!


It’s really easy, you buy the SIM for 3000 yen (make sure that you buy the right one (nano, micro or the Japanese characters which means the old big SIM) ) and then you only have to pay 950 yen/month (for the 2GB data plan)

You can find them in most big Electronic Shops like BIC CAMERA, Joshin, EDION,. and of course Amazon.

  • Open the pamphlet take out the top card in the middle page and rip your sim out of it and throw it in your phone.
  • Go sit behind a computer with internet and go to https://www.iijmio.jp/start/
  • Create an account (use your hotel address, friend address, random,… in the account creation) using the number behind your second card that you find in the pamphlet.
  • Fill in your credit card (you will be charged on every 20th of the month)
  • Go here https://www.iijmio.jp/service/manual/hdd/ and choose your OS
  • Follow the pictures (be creative)
  • Enjoy!

Now you have a phone with 2GB (or whatever you chose) every month in DATA 4G enabled! You can even use Skype on your phone now to call normal Japanese numbers!

If you leave Japan go here: https://www.iijmio.jp/auth/login.jsp login with your account that you created in the beginning and click in this link in the side bar:
Then mark the box and click next.
Once again you will get a page that will ask for confirmation that you are sure to cancel. Mark the box and click next.
Now your plan is cancelled.

If you need any help feel free to leave a comment! If you’re stuck or need some translation then I’ll try my best to help you get through the step!