Kamikouchi and Takayama

By on March 6, 2016

Kamikouchi is very famous among travelers as it has spectacular sights that require no hiking at all.

Kamikouchi is located in the high mountains in the Gifu Prefecture and is therefore not easy to get to without renting a car. I personally came from the Kansai Prefecture so it was also a perfect opportunity for me to make a stop to rest for the night in Takayama.

Takayama is a very comfortable town that is very well known for its Edo Period preserved area that will tingle your culture senses upon visiting. Except the Old Town you will also be able to treat yourself with food a the local restaurants. I personally recommend you to try out Mayonnaise Ramen there as it can be difficult to find throughout Japan, although I don’t remember the exact Ramen restaurant I went into, I’ve been told that most of the Ramen shops serve it there.

Mayonnaise Ramen


Takayama also has a history and art museum, several shrines, a temple, sake breweries and a morning market.

Accommodation in Takayama was also very good as the price and quality was very well balanced. Click on the picture below for more information about the hotel where I stayed.

Takayama Country Hotel


Up to the main event .. Kamikouchi.


Kamikouchi Mountain


Upon arriving at Kamikouchi I instantly knew why it this is such a recommended place. The area is extremely well maintained and looks gorgeous. The crystal clear water that runs through the mountain invites you to take a swim in this heavenly water (Although, you are not allowed to swim there. Bummer.). There were quite a lot of people, but I couldn’t call it crowded at all (especially when coming from Kyoto). Although, if you are an experienced hiker and enjoy being alone (or almost alone) then Kamikouchi may not be something for you. I went to Kamikouchi with a t-shirt, mini backpack with my camera equipment and water inside and was all set. You can even bring your grandma to Kamikouchi, as the difficulty level is on par with a stroll in a park.

In the middle of Kamikouchi there is even a restaurant (a vending machine as well) that offers Curry to fill your stomach on your break.

If you want to know how Kamikouchi looks like then I recommend playing my video on the top of this article, I tried my best to capture the feeling of Kamikouchi and I think I succeeded.


Kamikouchi Water


So when you’re looking at a break of the cities in Japan, then I definitely recommend Takayama and Kamikouchi.




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    March 6, 2016

    japan is really a beautiful country. I live in brasil and now I liked facebook page and subscribed in YT channel.
    thank u for this post and wonderful images.

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      March 6, 2016

      Yes it is, Japan has beautiful scenery and goes hand in hand with it’s amazing culture.