Asakusa Temple

Museums and Temples in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2015

Japan is a known for its spirituality and so does it for its museums. Tokyo the Buddhist hub, 500 temples and shrines. But it is not just Tokyo which has got such cultural heritage but even small villages of Japan have architecturally beautiful and majestic temples.  So visiting Japan simply isn’t about Tokyo but many other places like Kyoto as well.

Some of the most celebrated temples and shrines in Tokyo are:-


Asakusa Temple
Sensoji Temple 
Sensoji is a Buddhist temple built in the early 7th century and is also known as Asakusa Temple and known for thousands of people having unprecedented faith in this temple. The temple walkway has famous Nakamise, a shopping boulevard of local snacks and souvenir items for people to keep munching the best of Japanese snack. After reaching the Hozomon Gate, guests are greeted with the sight of a five-story pagoda and the main hall. Many events keep happening here throughout the year. Any time of the year is best suited for the visit. People love to visit the place during the Asakusa Shrine Festival and the Sanja Matsuri.


Kotoku-in Temple 
The Kotoku-in houses is made up with pure bronze and is a Buddha temple of Amida Buddha that dates back to 1252. Despite being destroyed by tidal ways in 15th and 16t century, it is one of the most attractive temples The Great Buddha statue weighs around 93 tons and is 13.35 meters high.


Toshogu Shrine 
Built in honour of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Nikko’s main attraction is the Toshogu Shrine. This is the country’s most powerful shogun. Faced in sheets of gold-leaf, this is the most beautiful and elaborate shrines and also is one of the World Heritage Site. This is unique in itself because Toshogu is built with an intricate mix of gold, colour, and carvings, with dancing maidens, sages, birds, and flowers chasing one another along the building walls unlike other shrines here.


The museums are equally popular and celebrated in Tokyo. Two of the most popular Museums are:

1. National Museum of Modern Art: This museum is not just visited by art lovers but it has an extravaganza experience to offer to every citizen visiting here, as it contains the best and most amusing modern art of paintings and sketches. Situated in Tokyo it is can be easily commuted and other offerings also attract the tourists.


2. National Museum of Nature and Science: This museum is best known for being the favourite place for kids. It has all the resources of nature and science that will attract any inquisitive kid. Not only the displays but also the high-tech explanation machinery and equipment make the kids love it. The quizzes and games in the museum related to science and nature is also the best thing that make a tourist visit this museum at least two times.

So when you visit Tokyo, visiting these temples and museums are inevitable. Plan your trip accordingly and experience the extravaganza of peace, knowledge and lifetime memories.