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Nightlife and Bars in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2015

If you are a night owl and a big time party animal, then Tokyo is not going to let you down at all as this city has some stylish and fancy night clubs and bars.

Golden Gai
Golden Gai, a tiny area in Shinjuku is known for its modish bars. Sit, relax and grab a glass of beer here, as this place is one of the best places to hang out with your friends and to chill out.


This is quite an upper class place in Tokyo, full of discs and bars. This place becomes totally happening during the night. If you want to go for craft beer in this area do visit the Ant N Bee Pub. The food served here is delicious and the best part is that it is homemade. Hard Rock Café is the next place that is recommended to visit, one can enjoy live music here on the weekends.
Roppongi being a posh place comprises of some classy discs but make sure you don’t end up entering in any of the shady discs here.


This place is one of the busiest streets of Tokyo. You will find the crowd casually dressed up here for dining and clubbing. Some of the famous eating hubs here are Sydney Blue for Australian food, Sonamu for Korean food and Le Café Blue for French food.
And yeah, do not forget to miss Hachiko, which is a dog statue.


A nice and calm place where you can spend some quality time with your family. Mid Blue Bar is a comfortable place where you can have few drinks and good food at an affordable price.


Are you a bathroom singer and fond of singing at times, how can you miss Karaoke nights. This city brings in some fantastic places where you can chant your favorite songs. Some of the best places are:
Karaoke Can in Shibuya
Big Echo Karaoke in Ginza
Shidax in Roppongi
Being a youngster one would really want to visit a night club where there’s a lot of dancing and great crowd. If you want to dance your heart out, then these are the biggest and wildest clubs of Tokyo.
Ageha in Shin-Kiba
Womb in Shibuya
Genius in Ginza
Village in Roppongi
Tips to be remembered while clubbing in Tokyo:
Dress Code
Make sure that you are aware of the dress code, in which ever club you plan to go. In most of the clubs you will find the crowd wearing casual clothes but the crowd here rarely shows up in skirts or shorts.
Check the price before you drink
Some drinks are extremely expensive in the night clubs, almost double the rate that you would have thought of. Do avoid to buy such drinks.



Watch out if you are in Roppongi area
Do avoid some of the shady crowd and discs here.
Cover charges
Paying of cover charges at every club you visit are compulsory here.
Consume energy drinks before consuming alcohol
Want to avoid hangover, consume some energy drinks like Ukon no Chikara, this drink will make you feel better the next day after you have consumed alcohol, as this turmeric drink absorbs the alcohol.