Places to Visit in Tokyo

By on December 16, 2015

Tokyo, it’s not just a city, it’s a place that gives you the best of both worlds. When it said so, it means the skyscrapers and spiritual temples and on the roadside greenery and fresh air.

Japan is known for its best of infrastructural as well as traditional collaboration. From amusement parks to museums to high rise shopping complex what is not available here. So if you’re planning a world trip, then visiting Japan is the best idea and especially Tokyo, the world’s most well planned city.

These are the few places that are a must visit in Tokyo:-

Ueno Amusement Park: This the most popular amusement part of Tokyo. It has a museum and a zoo. For just 100 yen, one can enjoy not just the park value but it also has a small street market with incredible items at the most affordable cost. The mocha, a pounded rice cake is also very popular here, and once can enjoy it with their friends and family. This park is very popular almost children as it not only provides a fun element to them but also spacious place to have fun in.


Yokohama: A whole new town just half an hour away from Tokyo is Yokohama. Known for its Chinese minority, it has the Chinatown that attracts the tourists the most. The commuter town Yoknohama is known for its foreign influences and so its museums which is totally devoted to one of the comic character of Japan called Anpanman with a red bun head.


Harajuku: Next too Harajuku station is flee market where you will find teenage girls offering the best of handmade products. This is also a very charming hand out place as it has many coffee cafes, food joints, gaming centers and boutiques. The best quality is that it is very inexpensive and one can have a lot of fun even with few yen.


Asakusa: is centred on the Senso-ji temple in neighborhoods of Tokyo. It has best of tempura restaurants and souvenir shops. What attracts the tourists the most is the food replica the restaurants provide. They have plastic replica of all the food items they have on display and it attracts the kids the most. From here one can go to gardens in Shiodome, one of the best known gardens in Tokyo.


Shibuya: This is the trend market of Tokyo, where one can find all the trendy and cool stuff at the price which is nothing. It cool, trendy and funky. Known for its teen culture, it is very much popular in school kids. One can also find traditional school uniforms here, and get photo-shoots for a lifetime memory.

Tokyo is place which is a must visit. It is known for its cultural sublime and visiting here could be the most exotic experiences of one’s life. The best part is that one doesn’t need to have a lot of money to have best of Tokyo, it is not just the best town to visit but also the most inexpensive town to visit too.