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Restaurants and Eateries in Tokyo that you must try

By on December 16, 2015

An avid foodie and fore thinking of holidaying in Tokyo, here is the list of some of the most stupendous restaurants and places to eat that one must stop over in.
Tokyo being the largest city in Japan has one of the most mind boggling dining destinations. The traditional Japanese food inculcates rice, Sushi, Ramen and the native sweet “Wagashi”.
This authentic food is served in some of the finest restaurants of Tokyo.

Aronia de Takazawa
Rated amongst the top quality restaurants, here you will be served with the most delicious and mesmerizing Japanese dishes that will be worth spending money upon.


Kyubei Main
Have a huge craving for Sushi, one cannot miss this restaurant. Kyubei serves the best sushi in Tokyo which is absolutely incomparable.


Planning to walk on the streets of Shinjuku, especially gazing the nightlife of this street, do stop by at Fu-unji and decide to have Ramen along with Noodle soup. Travellers might find a queue but if you want to dine in Shinjuku area, then this is the best place to have a good quality Ramen.


Uoshin Nogizaka
Seafood lovers, looking in for fresh seafood and passionate about eating shall love this place. Sashimi platter, fish stew, Kegani crab is widely served in this eating house at a low price.

Deva Deva Café, Brown Rice Café, Natraj Restaurant
If you are vegetarian and visiting Tokyo, it’s not at all tough to survive, as this wonderful city serves a variety of top notch quality veg food. Deva Deva, Brown Rice Café and Nataraj are some of the supreme eating places where you can enjoy your meals.
Street food lovers, there is a lot of variety of good food for you as well. Foodies can go to these places to get the best chicken, sushi and desserts.

Tsukiji Gindako Haiball Sakaba situated in the Branch-Shinjuku Kabukicho 
Takoyaki, which is a very well-known staple in the Kansai region, this place gets you the famous Takoyaki served in variant sauces and is absolutely mouth-watering.

Maruya Nikuten
It is known for its Korokke, a combination of French and Japanese culture. This delicious patty is served in Maruya.


Kagari in Ginza
This place is known for its well cooked chicken soba, which shall make your day.


Tsukiji Market
Unique about this market are its timings, open from 4am till 10 am, this is the biggest fish market where you can explore variety of outlets that serves you sushi. Some quite a famous outlets includes Tsukugon and Suga Shoten.
How can desserts be missed? After all, we humans just cannot stay away from desserts that too after having a huge meal like Sushi, Ramen and Takoyaki.

Gion Tokuya in Harajuku
This place serves some well toasted jellies, which is amazing.


Toraya Café in Roppongi
Fond of cocoa, do visit this outlet and try them.


Hakusuido in Jimbocho
This place serves some delicious desserts, very very famous for it’s poodle cakes. It is a very old outlet that is known for serving mesmerizing desserts.


Tips to be known when you dine in Tokyo:
– Don’t pay tip: Pay at the till and not on the table
– Put your chopsticks down after you have finished eating your rice.
– Use chopsticks for noodles and no spoons for the noodles soup. Bring the bowl to your mouth and drink it.