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Sakura in Kyoto

By on December 16, 2015

Kyoto is not only famous for it’s temples and culture, it is also famous to have places with spectacular view on Sakura trees (Cherry Blossom). The people of Kyoto just love these trees so they are planted all over the city!
The Cherry Blossoms are not ready yet though!
(They’re just getting started!)


Most of the Cherry Blossom will most likely be ready in a few days (Remember that there are also lots of late bloom trees) and then we will get started on capturing the experience of the Japanese Cherry Blossom.
While It might be difficult to show you all the sakura places of Kyoto, we have chosen six places that you should definitely write on your list while you’re visiting Kyoto and made a handy map so you’ll get some sort of feeling where all these places are.

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Haradani-en Garden – While this place might not be the perfect place to relax, it’s an amazing view spot for sakura. This garden is well maintained and has lots of sakura to enjoy. (1200 yen, 1500 yen in weekends)


Keage Incline – People come here to have a walk on the old train tracks, but this is not only a relaxing walk, it also is covered by sakura trees on the side which makes you have a fuzzy feeling!
Heian Shrine – A shrine surrounded by sakura is not some view to take lightly! It’s one of these places which are perfect to place on a postcard, and that’s not a bad thing.
Arashiyama – You could have guessed that Arashiyama would be on the list. While this is a “mainstream” place is it certainly worth your time!
Maruyama – If you don’t enjoy walking, temples or mainstream places (not that that’s possible), then you must enjoy picnic! Yes, this is the perfect park with lots of sakura that will make your lunch an experience you won’t forget.
Philosopher’s Walk – Last but not least is the well known path that is named because a Japanese philosopher and University professor Nishida Kitaro supposed to have used this path as medication. This path is very close to temples and the side is covered by beautiful sakura.

As you can see on our handy map, we have a group of 4 that is impossible to miss!

If you didn’t get the privilege to visit Kyoto this year to enjoy then don’t worry! We will make sure to give you a full report later so you will be able to have a feeling of the Kyoto Sakura.