Sweet Potato

The Haunted Ghost of Kyoto: Sweet Potato

By on March 16, 2016

When you arrive in Japan you will notice an immense amount of unusual sounds including (but not limited to): train station songs, whistling traffic lights, deafening rooms called “Pachinko”, buttons that make sounds in the restaurant and more.

But there was one particular sound/shout/recording that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on. The first time I heard it I was in the middle of a conversation when it surprised me with a echoing sound bouncing forth and back through the buildings. I immediately said “Shht!” and listened very carefully. My Japanese is far (very far) from good and I was unable to even understand one word from it.

Every now and then I would hear the recording again, and sometimes it would take weeks or even months before I got to hear it again.

Here is what is sounds like (Recorded by me):


Little did I know, “Is it an alarm?” “Is it a protest?” “Did North-Korea attack?”


But on a particular day, the recording was very crisp and loud! I knew it was close by and so I rushed outside to see what’s up. When I arrived I saw a small truck with portable cooking equipment.. It all made sense now, it’s the Japanese version of our western ice cream trucks, but instead they sell Sweet Potato!


Sweet Potato Japan


This particular gentlemen was a very cool dude, we had a small chat and he even gave me an extra sweet potato for free (awesome!). The sweet potato itself was very tasty! So next time you come to Kyoto, I definitely recommend you to go running to the recordings to grab a sweet potato!