Top Places to Visit in Yokohama

By on December 15, 2015

Yokohama is beautiful city in Japan, known for it’s aesthetic beauty and cinematic view. The second largest city of Japan after Tokyo has beautiful experience to offer and visiting here is the one of the wise choice to make both monetary and time wise.


Here are top 10 places you can visit in Yokohama;-

1. Sankeien Garden

From ponds to shines to pangodas, this garden has everything you are looking for a day on the trip. It’s a little difficult to travel via public transport but it’s worth a visit in just 500 yen.


2. Motomachi

Motomachi is like the dream destination for visitors, from traditional to trendy, you can find a lot to shop and the adjacent China Town has all cuisines of delicious food especially Chinese and spicy. Shopping and dinner at such a lavish place is a must.


3. Harbor Park View

Harbor Park View is the adjacent view of adjacent neighborhood over waters. At night t get crowded, lively and fun and one cannot simply miss the scenic beauty it has embedded in itself and amazing outplay of light and water reflection.


4. Cosmo World

Cosmo World the famous amusement Park and has all kinds of rides, especially know for its large Ferris Wheel, which kids love and adults can’t ignore. in just 800-1000 Yen, this place can be a fun place to visit.


5. Kirin Yokohama Beer Village

Who doesn’t like free beers? Yes, this is one place where you can visit and not only celebrate the making of beer in this factory but also you get free beer at the end of the day, which seems fun, isn’t it?


6. Minanto Mirai 21 Area

The newly developed area in Yokohama is Minanto Mirai. This place is especially developed as a global village where you will access to everything to celebrate elixir of life, from amusement parks to high rise buildings to museums to shopping centers. Visit here when you have a full day free and enjoy the best of a planned city.


7. Yokohama Stadium

Visiting Yokohama is incomplete if you didn’t go to Yokohama Stadium and enjoyed Japanese Football. It’s fun, exciting and adrenaline pumping. Evening games are even more comfortable and a great place for family hang-outs. Your kids are going to love it too.


8. Yokohama Ramen Museaum

This is the museum for food lovers, from all kinds of Japanese noodles to historical overview of more than 9 ramen restaurants; this place is delicious fun visit. With mere 300 yen, you are going to have a really good time here, understanding how Japanese food came into being.


9. Yamashita Park

Known of its never ending events, this park is 750 meters long is best known for cycling. The fun part is that you will always find people rehearsing, dancing and singing, which is a vivid experience of its own kind. Mrine Tower of Yokohama across the street adds stars to this place and is also the premiere place for outdoor dates.


10. Osanbashi Pier

The best experience of one’s life could be watching Sunrise and sunset at a perfect place and Osanbashi Pier is one such place which has great views of Minanto Marai and Bay Bridge and sun going down and water and rising from it. It is even more beautiful when you get to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.


Go Japan, Must go Yokohama…!